Make Jan. 11, 2014 count!

Make January 11, 2014, Saturday, count.

The day promises to be out of the ordinary, with plenty of planetary combinations blessing the day with their energetic influences. The Moon enters chatty Gemini in the early morning, so don’t be surprised if you’re already galvanized into action (and conversation) even during the wee hours of Saturday.

As the day unfolds, Venus forms a supportive sextile with Saturn, the Moon trines Mercury, the Sun conjuncts Venus then sextiles Saturn, all possibly beneficial aspects for planning, interaction, and the exercise of charm and persuasion, not aggression, to win the other person to your side. Near lunch time, the Moon squares Neptune, so watch that you don’t get overrun by illusions and empty promises. By 1:35 pm PST, Mercury enters Aquarius, a case of the quicksilver god electrifying the Water Bearer’s futuristic and humanitarian concerns. This reinforces the day’s communication theme, along with opportunities for short-distance travel and connections with siblings and neighbors. By 10:02 PM PST, the Moon forms a sextile to Uranus, so even at that late hour, expect to be inspired by lightning flashes of divine emotional inspiration.

In short, with this mixed grab bag of influences, be prepared to fully SAVOR and ENJOY the day ahead! Make it count, like I said.

If I may assign a keyword for January 11, 2014 (Sat.), it would be: FRIENDSHIP. Go ahead and cultivate new ones, and endeavor to strengthen already existing bonds.

Segue to my closing concept: the IRISH CLADDAGH (cloh’-dah) RING. I’m actually wearing a stainless steel, cheap version of it. Go ahead and Google the claddagh. Basically, as you can see from the photo (courtesy of Google Images), the joined hands stand for FRIENDSHIP, the heart between them obviously stands for LOVE, and the crown on top stands for LOYALTY. I started wearing my claddagh in early Dec. 2013 so in effect I am promising friendship, love, and loyalty to myself.

Why not? Shouldn’t we actually be friends with ourselves first before we venture to be a friend to others?

(Photos courtesy of Google Images)


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