A simple note of thanks

I just want to express my thanks to the precious three people who have begun following my blog: the first one to do so was Arcade, then oneanna65, and then cavegirlmba. To the three of you, God and Goddess bless you and maraming salamat! (That’s Tagalog for “thank you very much.”)

I’ve read some posts from your respective blogs, and I have been moved and touched by the serious entries and bursting to laughter on the lighter ones. Thank you for sharing your experiences and abilities on this venue for self-expression. Reading your pieces certainly enriches me.

Some people say that writing is a lonely profession, but I think it’s high time that we “solitary” writers give each other more support. Our bond should be a living organism, something loosely formed and yet one knows it’s there. In Medicine, they have the motto which goes, “To cure sometimes, to comfort always.” Well, let me propose something now for writers supporting each other: “To critique sometimes, to encourage always.”

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