How do you perform a ritual of visualization of intent? in this week’s MANILA MAIL issue

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For the week of Jan. 29-Feb. 4, 2014


All right, we may have missed the opportunity to set goals during the New Moon in Capricorn last January 1. However, with the New Moon in Aquarius coming up on January 30 and the Chinese New Year being celebrated the following day, the Universe is giving us another chance to lay out our plans for the rest of 2014.

One reason why we fail to follow through on our plans is that we haven’t really developed a clear picture of what we want. A lot of self-help books urge readers to write journals to chronicle their emotions as they work toward realizing their goals. Others advise readers to cut photos from magazines about what they want, like for example a new car of the exact model and make if that’s what they want to buy, or a picture of sexy supermodel if they want to lose weight, and then post these collages on their refrigerators or where these cutouts can frequently be seen.

Now let me share a method that has worked for me. I don’t use it often. In fact the last time I used it was 8 years ago, when a few months after I did it I won first place and a hefty cash prize in an international poetry contest, had my poetry book published, and was declared one of the Centennial Awardees at the 2006 Pistahan Festival in San Francisco.

Well, I guess the time has come for me to revisit this method together with all of you who are willing to do the work this year. Taught to me long ago by my youngest sister, who is in many ways my staunchest supporter and benefactress, and who is in possession of a spiritual maturity beyond her years, this method is called a “ritual of visualization of intent.”

Let’s break that down: “ritual” means that there will be certain steps to follow, “visualization” means that images will be involved, and “intent” is simply something positive and beneficial that you want to come true in your life.

A couple of caveats: First, you must be sincere and act only for the highest good of all concerned. We have a saying in the magical world: And may it harm none. Second, never visualize this ritual with any specific person or name in mind. You’d be better off with a general sort of goodwill wish or desire for yourself or your loved ones.

Now let’s answer the question: How does one perform a ritual of visualization of intent?

Step 1. Gather materials to represent Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Be creative in gathering a symbol for each element. For example, lighted candles can represent Fire. As a nod to the Chinese/Lunar New Year of the Wood Horse, you can get the Knight chess piece to represent Earth, since wood springs from the earth. A friend of mine who tried this ritual told me that he used an inflated balloon to represent Air. A small bowl of water or a bubbling mini-Zen fountain can represent the Water element. Make material choices that have the most personal significance to you.

Step 2. Gather your writing materials. Writing is the basic step to concretizing your thoughts in the material plane. The color of your paper should symbolize faith, hope, and strong belief for you personally. To me, this color is either yellow or gold. The color of the ink in your writing tool must signify quick action. To me, this ink color should be red. But then again, your personal preferences may be different.

Step 3. Find a space free of clutter and people. Draw an imaginary circle of protective white light around you.

Step 4. Light the candles. Begin with this chant as you gaze upon and let your hand linger above the materials you gathered to represent each element: “I am born of fire, I am blessed by fire. I am born of air, I am blessed by air. I am born of water, I am blessed by water. I am born of the earth, I am blessed by the earth. So I image, so let it be.”

Step 5. Close your eyes, concentrate, and breathe deeply several times. Let your emotions be serene and let your intuition guide you freely. What you’re waiting for is a clear image to form in your mind. Take your writing materials and describe what you see. Make sure that you write nonstop with neither hesitations nor erasures. For example, if your intent is to meet your soul mate, you may write something like: “I see him walking beside me by the lake. We are holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes. He pulls me closer to him and he kisses me tenderly. He tells me simply that he loves me and that he has been waiting for me all his life…” Note that everything is written in the present tense. It’s as if everything is happening right now.

Step 6. After you are done with your writing, express your thanksgiving to the benevolent Source of your vision. Fold your paper into the number of times which to you symbolizes quick action. (Suggestion: the famous astrologer Linda Goodman swears by the number 9 which corresponds to Mars, the planet of energy, action, and swift decisions.) Keep your folded piece of paper in a place where it will be undisturbed for a long time.

Step 7. Forget about the ritual you have just done. Let faith take over and let the Elements and the Universe do their work. Trust that everything is in the process of becoming!


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