“The moon and our inner lives” in this week’s issue of the MANILA MAIL (July 22-28, 2015; page A7)

Pilipinasblitz Forever
A column by Bles Carmona
For the week of July 22-28, 2015

The moon and our inner lives

I’m on a roll here following last week’s column where I wrote about celebrating Moon Day. Toward the end, I began to talk about Moon Signs and I would like to continue that trend of thought here. If you recall, I said that while your Sun Sign describes your basic character, your Moon Sign describes more of your inner landscape and emotional reactions. So if you have a Sun Sign (Aries, Taurus, Gemini and so on), you actually also have a Moon Sign.

For example, take myself. Based on my date, time, and city of birth, my Sun Sign is Aries and my Moon Sign is Pisces. My Sun Sign, from the Element of Fire, says that I am supposed to be bold, brash, assertive, brimming with energy and initiative. However, with my Moon in Pisces of the Water Element, I could also be sensitive, compassionate, moody, and mysterious. One of my mentors, Ms. Linea Van Horn (www.astrologeratlarge.com) sometimes jokes that Moon in Pisces is actually “Moon in pieces.” It’s not supposed to be flattering, but it’s apt. Just imagine a person such as me with Fire and Water as my Sun-Moon combination. Water dousing Fire. Fire + Water = Steam. Whoa. Something’s gotta give. Even if you don’t know much about astrology, you can tell that it’s not one of those intuitively easier Element combinations like Fire with Air or Earth with Water. Regardless of the Sun-Moon combination, though, the native’s lifelong task is to combine the life purpose of her Sun with the emotional needs of her Moon. The Sun gives and the Moon receives. Such are their symbolic complementary roles. Even the hard science of astronomy bears this out: the Sun actively emits light and warmth while the Moon passively reflects the Sun’s light. Sun is action while Moon is reaction.

With help from esteemed astrologer Donna Cunningham’s book, “Moon Signs: The Key to Your Inner Life,” I will briefly describe the 12 Moon Signs through key words and then give an example of a famous person who has that Moon placement, so you can fuel your imagination with how these luminaries embodied their respective Moons. Please remember that your Moon Sign could be the same as, or different from, your Sun Sign. The only way to know for sure what your Moon Sign is, is by going to a free astrological website like http://www.astro.com, creating an account there, and then entering your birth data (date/time/city of birth) with reasonable accuracy. Make sure to check whether you’re ticking off the correct time of day, specifying AM or PM, when you enter your birth time. Twelve hours’ difference is huge: 12 AM is not 12 PM and can throw off the chart calculation. Sources for the time of birth are your birth certificate, your mother’s memory if still reliable, or a reasonable guesstimate. The astrologer Linda Goodman’s simple technique for an unknown birth time is to enter “6 AM” temporarily, and with that kind of chart, we may get a 50% chance of getting the Moon Sign right, but maybe not the Rising Sign. But happily for us, we’re only concerned about Moon Signs now. So off we go.

Aries Moon: dynamic, assertive, impulsive. Famous persons with Moon in Aries: Galileo, Malcolm X. Both of these guys are pioneering, daring, and emotionally fiery. Galileo has been called the “father of modern observational astronomy,” the “father of modern physics,” and “the father of modern science.” Talk about the need to be the first in his field! That’s the emotional Aries for you: they want to be numero uno.

Taurus Moon: practical, nurturing, stubborn. Famous persons with Moon in Taurus: Michael J. Fox, Ronald Reagan. Michael J. Fox, as we know, has Parkinson’s disease but his emotional persistence sparked his determination to use his stature to shed light about his illness. Former President Ronald Reagan, like a typical Taurus Moon, is known to be ultra-conservative and is credited for hardline negotiations with the Soviet Union to end the Cold War.

Gemini Moon: curious, witty, restless. Famous person with Moon in Gemini: Leonard Nimoy. For generations of sci-fi fans, he is Mr. Spock of the Star Trek franchise. However, this typically versatile Gemini Moon personality was an actor, film director, photographer, author, singer, and songwriter.

Cancer Moon: caring, home-loving, moody. Famous persons with Cancer Moon: Eleanor, Franklin D., and Theodore Roosevelt. FDR is the President during the depression and by being tenacious like a Cancer, served four consecutive terms, from 1933-1945. As the author of the New Deal, he enlarged the scope of the federal government’s role in the economy.

Leo Moon: magnanimous, loyal, bossy. Famous persons with Moon in Leo: Barbra Streisand, Dolly Parton. The original Divas, both are seekers after the limelight. Inner Leos live for the applause and adulation of the crowd.

Virgo Moon: hard working, helpful, critical. Famous persons with Virgo Moon: Robert Redford, Madonna. Robert Redford, known to be a meticulous director, is also a highly successful director who started the Sundance Festival. Now everybody knows Madonna. She may be a Leo Sun, but it’s her tireless, hard-working Virgo Moon that pushes her to constantly reinvent herself.

Libra Moon: beautiful, diplomatic, indecisive. Famous persons with Libra Moon: Edouard Manet, Rudolf Nureyev. They are both artists of supreme quality, the first an Impressionist painter, the latter a ballet dancer/choreographer. Libra is all about beauty and artistry.

Scorpio Moon: transformative, healing, controlling. Famous persons with Scorpio Moon: James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor. The key to understanding Scorpios is in their gaze. Their hypnotic eyes always give them away, so most of them prefer to wear dark glasses. They like to keep their secrets, you know.

Sagittarius Moon: optimistic, adventuresome, overindulgent. Famous persons with Sagittarius Moon: Neil Armstrong, Oprah Winfrey. Cmdr. Armstrong’s adventurousness enabled him to travel as far as the Moon, while Oprah’s positive vibes inspire countless women and men.

Capricorn Moon: ambitious, organized, melancholy. Famous persons with Capricorn Moon: The Dalai Lama, Indira Gandhi. Both are at the top of their fields and at their most highly evolved state, they use their power to help the powerless.

Aquarius Moon: charismatic, avant-garde, unpredictable. Famous persons with Aquarius Moon: Marilyn Monroe, Prince. Come on now, we all know Marilyn Monroe and Prince, don’t we? They strike an out-of-this world pose and they are instant icons. Oozing with charisma!

Pisces Moon: creative, spiritual, escapist. Famous persons with Pisces Moon: Michelangelo, Michael Jackson. One of the greatest painters and one of the greatest total performers. These “Michaels” are stratospherically artistic and talented, they almost transcend normal human standards of what’s possible. Yes, their sublime talents are almost spiritual. You know, on some level, they probably are.

Your Moon Sign, to recap, describes who you are on the inside. It describes your emotions and reactions to outer stimuli, people, environments, situations, and relationships. Your Moon Sign is equally as important as your Sun Sign. Knowing both your Sun and Moon Signs may explain why you sometimes feel that your Sun Sign description alone does not totally fit you. The third sign, your Ascendant or Rising Sign, is another component of the mix. Astrology of the personality stripped down to its basics yields this Telling Triad: a person’s Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs. Each of us is a glorious, crazily complex, and magnificent blend of the best (and the worst) of these three signs.

I hope you enjoyed this brief exploration of Moon Signs. If you’re curious about these astrological things at all, then try the free resource I mentioned (www.astro.com) or you could shoot me an email at blessingsandlight725@gmail.com . Happy Moon-gazing to you, folks!


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