Week of January 22-January 28, 2018
Dear Tribe of Stargazers: How do we study astrology? We study it piece by enticing piece, with the tantalizing foreknowledge that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. We study the meanings of the planets, signs, houses, and angles – thus learning to express ourselves in a poetic yet practical language with which to make sense of life.


This week, let’s pick a couple of astrological events and strive to transcribe it into everyday language: 1> Around Jan. 23rd-25th, Mercury conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. Hmmm, you think to yourself, what could it mean? And what could it mean for you? 2> Another phenomenon this week is the Mars ingress into Sagittarius around January 27th. Hmmm again (thoughtful silence). If any one of you could give me the most meaningful personal significance of any or both of these aspects by writing about it in the comments section below, then WATCH OUT! You will win a two-card reading from me!!! How would you know that it was you who won? Well, if you check the page daily, you’d know, right? So come write home to Momma.
PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT, AND SHARE! Happy birthday to the Aquarius-born among our ka-Tribu. Salamat po!
ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19) There is molten lava within you, waiting to be violently exploded and thrown up in the air. Yes, the scenario hints at destruction which may “scare” even you. However, this can be a necessary prequel to magnificent creation. Weekly mantra: I awaken to express my glorious potential.
TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20) Have you been riddled the Riddle of the Sphinx? To be queried this riddle by such an imposing half-female half-animal creature, in whatever form it may come in your life, may seem challenging enough. The thing, though, is to never lose your courage and keep charging on until you get the correct answer. Weekly mantra: I know the answer to the Riddle.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Divine Spirit says that you’ve been cooped up too long. The logical solution would be to head out to the great outdoors and feel the wind lift up your hair and heart! Come on, even the most urban concrete jungle has green spaces. Inhale the invigorating oxygen and exhale your worries and fears. You’ve got this. Weekly mantra: The Divine lifts my soul and spirit.
CANCER (June 21- July 22) Whenever you hear a guru say that this world is just an illusion, you actually get it. However, you also instinctively know that the illusion is simply a matter of lifting up veils from your line of vision. Until when will you live with the illusion? You are the only one who gets to decide that. Weekly mantra: Although dreaming, I’m awake.
LEO (July 23-Aug 22) You’re an adult now, so the long and short message of this week is this: Take responsibility already! You are responsible for your own financial upkeep, happiness, and implications of maturity. No fair blaming genes, illness, or the environment you grew up in. Just stick that chin up and take it. Welcome to the adult world. Weekly mantra: I hold myself accountable.
VIRGO (Aug 22-Sept 22) What do you do when a proverbial monster has just turned its head and spotted you? Well, for lack of anything else (a weapon, a special power, etc.), you can always scream! You’d probably scare the creeper off, anyway. The point is this: at the other side of the fear you fear is deliverance. Face your fears, voice them out, own them. You might just stumble upon a strength you never thought you had. Weekly mantra: My courage feeds my strength.
LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22) Know this: it is within your power to help yourself get healthy or get sick. What they call your will power is actually the co-Creator within you who stands in agreement with Divine Spirit, making you well and whole. If you find that you can facilitate another’s self-healing, then share your healing energy. Weekly mantra: I am my own health and wellness.
SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21) What, truly, is the best way to handle anger and rage? Many approaches come to mind, but keep in mind that as with anything, anger and rage are in a spectrum of energy. Match them with the fluctuating responses that they seem to demand, and watch the ferocity eventually die down. Weekly mantra: With my flexibility, I achieve homeostasis.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21) You are high on the wings of ecstasy, creativity, and desire. It seems like you’ve reached the pinnacle of your aspirations – but with you, your lookout is always about that highest ideal that your bow and arrow can still shoot for. Therefore revel in all that you achieve; just don’t forget to pour a cup of libation to your roots. Weekly mantra: Oh! Life is beautiful! I love my life!
CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19) You have been many personae to many people. However, something deep within you is crying out for selfhood right about now. This is your power to carve out a future for yourself. This is your time to hunt, gather, collect, and store. In short, this is the time for your tall, capital Self to stand out from the crowd. Make it happen. Weekly mantra: Before I am anyone else’s, I am my own.
AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18) If someone ever thought that Aquarians are airheads just because they are assigned to the Air element, she has another think coming. Aquarius people know a thing or two about power, but they are crafty and subtle about it. Some of them think it’s too much of game-playing, though, and thus focus on the altruism and service instead. Still, Aquarius packs a lot of punch. They just choose to use their extensive powers for good. Weekly mantra: I understand that with great power comes great responsibility (first attributed to Voltaire, NOT to Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben).
PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20) This period is productively pregnant for you. Your wisdom is like a gushing fountain and your creativity is going through the roof. As always, when the direction of your inspiration is skyward, just don’t forget to ground yourself. Walk barefoot, wear black or brown-colored crystals… any method there is as long as there is an element of Earth in it. Weekly mantra: My name is Terra Sophia. I am the wisdom of the earth.
Thank you, Salamat, Namaste, and Blessed be!
Stargazer Bles
Rx: My readings are good medicine.

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