“The Awakened Living EXPO 2015: Feel the energy!” in this week’s issue of the MANILA MAIL (April 22-28, 2015; page A5)

Pilipinasblitz Forever
A column by Bles Carmona

For the week of April 22-28, 2015


I wouldn’t have been part of this year’s Awakened Living Expo last April 19 from 2-5 PM at Fort Mason if not for my fairy godmother, Leslie Yee-Murata, the Reiki-infused jewelry designer of Purple Fire Gems (https://www.etsy.com/people/PurpleFireGems). One day in mid-March, Ms. Leslie emailed me about a fund-raising campaign for their spiritual group, apparently called Awakened Living (www.awakenedlivingsf.org; 415-410-4800).

There was a call for holistic practitioners who were willing to share their talent and time for the Expo, and the slots were filling up. With Ms. Leslie’s patronage, I was able to secure a spot as one of the 18 featured holistic practitioners in this year’s Expo, now on its second year.
Ms. Leslie told me to come early because she has nice tablecloths for me to borrow, so I arrived an hour before the gates opened. I was greeted at the entrance to the hall by no other than the charming and hospitable Mr. TJ Woodward himself, the founder and minister of the Awakened Living spiritual community in San Francisco. He really made me feel welcome. He told me to pick any booth among the 18 which were in the process of being set up, and I gravitated to the third one on the right, backed up by sunlight streaming from a closed yet transparent window.

When Ms. Leslie finally arrived, she and I started to set up our tables like the other practitioners were doing. My table was arrayed with my white candle, blue Buddha, Archangels Michael and Barachiel, Isis, a Singapore merlion, a figurine of two dragons back-to-back with a bejeweled sword between them, and a reclining ram with a small impression of Osiris under its chin. My choice of table figurines aren’t really that strange since it only reflects my personal interfaith orientation when it comes to the topic of “religion.”

In fact, let me quote the following from their flyer: “Awakened Living is a 21st century movement of people who consider themselves spiritual, but not religious, and have a deep hunger for personal and global transformation. We are a diverse group of like-minded people dedicated to joyous celebration, spiritual practice and connected community. Our mission is to encourage and inspire the awakening of human consciousness.” Mr. TJ founded this group in 2012 and since November 2014, they have been meeting at the Fort Mason Chapel at the corner of Franklin and Bay Streets, SF from 11:00 AM-12:30 PM.
Aside from his ministerial duties, Mr. TJ is in private practice as a spiritual counselor and life coach. He is also the host of “Awakened Living TV” and “Awakened Living Radio.” Among his most recent accomplishments is the publication and Spring 2015 worldwide release of his book, “Conscious Being: Awakening to Your True Nature.”

One ticket holder during the Expo raffle was lucky enough to win a copy of this book, which Mr. TJ said he’d be glad to sign! During the raffle which was held in the middle hour of the Expo, there were other exciting prizes to be won like complete sessions of Reiki, chiropractic, and acupuncture, among others, given by the respective practitioners. The raffle was just the perfect touch at 3:30-3:45 PM – and then it’s back to our tables again.

Here are the 18 practitioners who were gracious enough to participate this year, all of whom I’m sure Mr. TJ thanked with the warmth in his heart. He hugged me in all sincerity as we were closing shop, and Mr. TJ went around the room expressing his gratitude to everyone involved. This list can also be found in the Awakened Living’s website under “expo”:

Carsten Spencer, Energy Alignment Practitioner: http://www.carstenspencer.com/
Jill Nagle, Wisdom of The Body: Beyond Talk Therapy: http://www.wisdomofthebody.com/
Dr. Kirsten Hill, Chiropractor: http://www.dwlchiro.com/
Lenora Swan, Oneness Blessing Giver: http://www.bayareaoneness.com/
Leslie Ye-Murata, Reiki Infused Jewelry Designer: https://www.etsy.com/people/PurpleFireGems
Francine Brevetti, Legend Crafter and Ghost Writer: http://francinebrevetti.com/
Sahina Grinczer, Soul Coach and Emotional Clearing Counselor: http://sahina.weebly.com/
Alison Williams, Reiki Practitioner: https://www.facebook.com/alison.williams.75873/about
Rachel Katz, Spiritual Director: http://theurbanspirit.com/
Sandra Lloyd, Certified Hypnotherapist and Depth Hypnosis Practitioner: http://www.sandralloyd.net/
Cara Cordoni, Life Coach: http://www.flashlightcoaching.com/
Meisha Bosma, Yoga teacher, Meditation coach and Reiki Practitioner: http://meishabosma.com/
Connie Chuck, Acupuncturist: http://www.thriveacupuncturesf.com/
Bles Carmona, Astrology & Tarot: https://pilipinasblitzforever.wordpress.com/2015
Rebecca Farrar, Marketing Basics for Healers: simple ways to increase your business’ visibility without feeling stressed: http://www.tellem.com/
Rachel Ho, Energetic Healing (Reiki/Reconnection) with Crystal Therapy: http://www.crystalenergy444.com/
Rachael Webb, Spiritual Advisor, Multi-Dimensional Healer, Light Weaver: http://www.soulstarmedicine.com/about/
Matthew Chapman, Classical Feng Shui, I-Ching Readings, Chinese Astrology

I had fun conducting my 15-minute mini-sessions with the six women who signed up for my tarot/fairy/angel card readings. It’s always a privilege for me when my clients open up enough to share crucial details of their lives whenever I interpret something in the cards that truly resonates with them. I would also like to mention Ms. Cara Cordoni of Flashlight Coaching who took the time to visit my booth just to shoot the breeze during a lull.

She actually went to the prestigious Coaches Training Institute for her coaching certification, and she has her own personal breakthrough story to share with you about how she gave her power away and how she got it back. With Ms. Cara’s Leo Sun and Moon, she IS indeed in her element as a coach, and with Scorpio rising, she is well qualified to bring what was previously in darkness from beneath into the light up above. The energy in that Expo was rejuvenating and exhilarating! Would I be back next year? If Awakened Living would have me again, yes!

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“Just like startin’ over…” in this week’s issue of the MANILA MAIL (April 8-14, 2015; page A5)

Pilipinasblitz Forever
A column by Bles Carmona

For the week of Apr. 8-14, 2015


As part of this John Lennon song goes: “It’s time to spread our wings and fly/ Don’t let another day go by, my love/ It’ll be just like starting over.”

Now volumes have already been written about what John Lennon meant. Was this song his last paean to his eternal muse, Yoko Ono? People have said that this must be the gist of the song. They may have wanted to recapture a former vibrancy to their love. Still another view was that it wasn’t about John and Yoko at all – that it was actually John’s rediscovered love for music after he left the Beatles. Well, in a world where Libras like John Lennon were and still are free to imagine, let us craft another meaning into this idea of “starting over.”

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, we have the great Easter parable of Jesus Christ’s birth-death-and-resurrection. Another concept of starting over was the Deluge of Noah’s time, where everything on earth was cleared out prior to the seeding of new life via the Ark. In Japanese history we may talk of the Meiji Restoration of 1868 or the rising up from ruins of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Our home country, the Philippines, is a picture of starting over and over again after each onslaught of a typhoon or thunderstorm. The idea I’m building with these examples is that in each event of adversity, the strengths and good nature of the people involved truly emerged in outstanding ways to restore what was lost (the status quo) or even improve on the common ground.

You can say that what I’ve just been through this past Lenten season is my rapid-burst crash course in “starting over.” First of all, I almost did not make it to my 45th birthday last April 4. I literally dropped dead, stone-cold, jaw-achingly blue around the gills on Palm Sunday. And for what? Apparently it was a lethal mix of pneumonia and asthma. I went into a respiratory arrest while my family rallied, led by my youngest sister Edna who took care of updating my one big Facebook family (which means some of you who are reading this). According to my sister, she can only attend to one thing at a time, so when she wasn’t making decisions about my care with our family’s help, then she was updating my Facebook status by listening closely to what the doctors and nurses were reporting to her. I will be forever grateful to Edna for rallying what I call my “community of faithful prayer warriors.”

Here’s how I put on my FB Wall post a couple of days after I got home from Kaiser Permanente San Leandro:
“Mabuhay! This is Blesilda. Thank you very much to my family and friends who have been with praying with us during my scary health ordeal. I see obvious parallels between the Judeo-Christian death-and-resurrection parable and what I’ve been through – but lest you think of how presumptuous I am, please bear with me as I articulate how simply humbled and blessed I am, ever so grateful for my second chance at LIFE because of the power of GOD. I was at my lowest when I lost my breath. But it took a COMMUNITY of FAITHFUL PRAYER WARRIORS like each of you to bring me back because GOD LISTENS. Was it just another great coincidence that my birthday this year was on Black Saturday, the day before Easter? Many messages are intersecting in my mind and heart, but for now, what could be more apropros than: GOD IS RISEN INDEED! PRAISE BE TO GOD!”

You know, there are lessons to be learned from my experience on so many levels. I won’t force my own realizations on anyone, but let’s attempt to make sense of this “reset-button” type of experience into a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual framework. In the realm of body and mind, what happened to me was a wakeup call about taking even more care of my physiological and psychological health, since nothing can be taken for granted anymore, even a random community-acquired Pneumonia pathogen or even a possible coronavirus as suggested by my Manila Science High School batch mate Ms. Gigi De Jesus-Kidary who is now studying these illnesses at a Nurse Practitioner student in Florida. Sociologically, my health scare united sincere and faithful prayers from ALL OVER, I kid you not! My sister Cherry Santiago posted from Manila, “To my most beloved sister Blesilda. Today, you literally gave me a ‘heart attack’. It is a turning point in my life. You made me realize how valuable you really are to me. And no matter the distance, always remember we are one in spirit. I love you, Ate. You continue to be an inspiration and a stronghold to me. Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Gigi Kidary prays for me from Florida, Pereg Rina Pepito prays for me from Italy, Rei Laue prays for me from Zurich, literally hundreds of family and friends all over California, the USA, and the Philippines! Guys, if Facebook is here with us for life, then let’s utilize it for some spankin’ hot meaningful mass-movement! If this social medium can wrought miracles on behalf of one plain and simple person, then imagine what we could truly pray for, think about, and mobilize about – en masse!

Spiritually – oh! The last frontier and the trickiest of all. Here’s the bottom line if my Facebook family are right, and I know they are: I was brought back to life because something in my “life mission” is not done yet. Logically easy enough to make that leap, right? But as my friend Tres Roque posted in his prayer for me, “May you know what your mission is.” Coming for me through a time of a literal rebirth, I do sincerely hope that I may find that mission soon.

However, if my mission involves continuing to write for the Manila Mail for many weeks and months to come, giving me a platform from which I can contribute my views and research – to educate sometimes, but to entertain always – then I can say that FOR NOW, I am indeed fulfilling part of my life plan here on Earth. How blessed I am!

Another perspective was shared to me by my best friend and fiancé Lean Dela Rosa, when I asked him, “Puro na lang ba pagsubok?” (“Is it just going to be one trial after another?”) Lean replied, “Ganun talaga ang buhay, di nawawala ang pagsubok para patuloy tayong kumapit sa Kanya.” (“That’s the way life goes, trials will always be there so that we can continue to cling upon Him.”) Lean and his mother belong to the “Ang Dating Daan” Christian congregation.

I started with a fragment of a song. Now please help me end this column with a Latin song we used to chant in a former charismatic episcopal church to which I belonged. As translated by my brother-in-law Angelito T. (Jerry) Santiago, who is a Deacon of the Roman Catholic Church, the song goes:
Non nobis Domine, Domine, /Non nobis Domine. /Sed nomine, sed nomine, / Tuoda Gloriam!
“Not unto us but to God be all the glory!” Amen and Amen!

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